Upholstery Cleaning in North West London

Consider our professional expertise for your regular or spring upholstery cleaning, as we not only will give you the results you want, but also do it quickly and according to your budget. With flexible scheduling, no deposit booking and same day visits, we make sure that we clean well and that we do it conveniently for you. As a part of our “save the environment” initiative we also have started implementing bio-degradable detergents that are safe for use around children and pets.

Benefits of our upholstery cleaning

From bed bug and lice removal, to nasty stain extraction and even fiber protection and rejuvenation, our service can provide you with a wide spectrum of solutions to your upholstery cleaning needs, with us you will enjoy:

upholstery cleaning

  • Fast drying cleaning
  • No discolorations and bad smells
  • Professional mattress cleaning
  • Full pet urine stain and smell extraction
  • Fiber protection and rejuvenation

With these also come several health benefits, as well not only remove stains but also take care of all allergen types, lowering the chance of allergic reactions. All detergents used are safe for even the most sensitive of people and are safe for use around children and pets. For more call our customer support team at 020 3746 3200.

Professional upholstery cleaning service details

To cover every angle of proper upholstery cleaning and maintenance, we have started using a wide range of detergents and treatments, which allow us to properly approach any upholstery related problem you may have. From leather sofas, to mattress and futons, we can treat everything.

Dry cleaning – has a wider application than other treatments as it has the most gentle approach to any issue. It does not use any harsh detergents and procedures making it great for delicate textiles like satin and cotton. As a cleaning agent we use a fine dust-like substance specially created to bind with every stain possible, from greasy to tar and organic compounds. Our trained professional cleaner imbeds the dust into the stain with a small brush, leaving it for 15 minutes to react with it then extracting it with our powerful vacuum cleaning machine, after the procedure is done you can use the upholstery straight away, with absolutely no drying time.

Steam cleaning – fits all of the necessary treatments into one powerful package. It is specially designed to clean synthetic and woolen textiles, using a powerful steam jet that instantly disintegrates all stain types, while simultaneously protecting and rejuvenating the colours. 95% of the moisture used is extracted, leaving for a quick and brisk drying time of the textile.


upholstery cleaning before and after


Leather sofa cleaning – is a specialised service that allows us to treat natural and synthetic leather upholstered furniture and sofas. We use specialised compounds that allow for the rejuvenation and protection of the leather. If weathered, the leather might start to crack or break, this is why we apply a softening paste that reinvigorates the leather, opening its pores once again.

Mattress cleaning – takes care of all stains and even successfully removes dog and cat urine. The treatment can even deal with bed bugs and dust mites, without using any harmful chemicals, but in fact utilising safe for use around children and pets agents.

Book Our Upholstery Cleaning Services

Book DavidsCleaningServices by calling 020 3746 3200 or filling out the booking form located on the site. Our 24/7 customer support center will work with you to find the most suitable time of day as well as give you information on current deals and offers, while on the line be sure to ask about our free quotes. Book us now and get the best upholstery cleaning service in North West London.