Professional North West London Rug Cleaning

From woolen Turkish rugs, to the more exotic Persian area rugs, David Cleaning Services can take care of every floor covering you may have. To guarantee the safe and proper treatment of your precious and expensive rugs, we take extra care and make sure that all of our professional cleaners are fully vetted and insured. With our comprehensive insurance policy and rates as low as ours, we are the premium rug cleaning company in North West London.

Benefits of our service

Dust and dirt can seriously impact the longevity of your precious Persian rugs, this is why we can safely but efficiently remove all dirt and dust as well as treat stains of any nature. You’d also be glad to know that, while effective, our treatments are also environmentally friendly, using only the best bio-degradable ingredients for our custom solutions. You will also enjoy:

  • Fiber conditioning and refreshing
  • Dust and grime extraction
  • Full stain removal
  • Soft, nice smelling textures
  • Allergen free area rugs

For additional details on the benefits of professional rug cleaning in North West London, contact our 24/7 customer support team at 020 3746 3200 and ask.

Professional rug cleaning in North West London

As an effort to fully maintain and protect the colours and strength of your rugs, we have started implementing several proven methods that will completely deal with any contaminants and keep your floor coverings safe and protected.

rug cleaning in action

Steam cleaning – finds its application when dealing with extra difficult stains and allergens. A very powerful solution, this treatment is best used in conjunction with specialized detergents that are fiber friendly. Wool and synthetic fibers will reap the most benefit from this heat intensive procedure as it helps open up the textile, allowing for a more thorough clean. A powerful steam jet is inserted into the base of the rug, reacting with the stain, picking up and extracting it in a matter of seconds. You are left with a freshly smelling, perfectly clean rug that needs about 2-3 hours to dry.

Dry cleaning – saves a lot of time as it only uses a dry substance as a cleaning agent. No moisture or heat are utilised meaning it is an ideal approach for sensitive textile such as cotton and silk. Given the severity of the stain, our technicians will apply the powder-like substance on the stain then imbed it into the fibers with a fine brush. The compound is left to react to the stain, making it possible to be extracted under 15 minutes. After that a powerful vacuum cleaner is used to extra everything, leaving you with a perfectly clean and refreshed Persian rug.

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