Hard Floor Cleaning in North West London

For a quick but efficient clean, regular maintenance or just tips on proper cleaning, call our best North West London team of professional hard floor cleaners. With us you will be guaranteed the results you’ve expected, while at the same time paying fair and honorable rates. A comprehensive insurance and the 8 years of experience of our workers, keeps all of your belongings safe and away from harm. Call our team at 020 3746 3200 for more details.

Benefits of our professional hard floor cleaning

With regular maintenance hard floors can last a lifetime, that is, of course if done right. Luckily our experts have over 8 years of experience with all types pf hard floor surfaces, from natural stone, to granite and even natural wood and laminate. With us you will enjoy:

  • No more abrasions
  • Freshly buffed and shiny floors
  • Hard floor dirt protection
  • Full grime removal
  • Prolonged hard floor life

With many health benefits that come with clean hard floors, it would be a mistake not to take advantage of our affordable offers. Check back with our team at 020 3746 3200 and ask about other benefits, service bundles and everything hard floor related.

Service details

hard floor cleaning

Professional buffing – is what we use for lightly and heavily damaged surfaces. As harmless as abrasions can seem, they are one of the leading causes of hard floor life span shortage. Dirt and microbes can easily get nestled deep into the small abrasions created by everyday life, dissolving and ruining the strength of the flooring. This can be avoided by regularly buffing the floors, to not only ensure a smooth finish, but also remove any bacteria or dirt that might linger in there. This procedure has a wide range of effectiveness, from natural to granite and even laminate flooring, though different surfaces require different approaches.

Steam jet cleaning – gives us the ability to clean studier, more canorous surfaces like rougher natural stone and even some kinds of granite. A high pressure steam jet is used to dislodge any dirt or grime that has taken refuge in the coves of your flooring, just like mentioned above, if not dealt with quickly, it can lead to faster weathering of the surfaces, lowering the visual and strength properties of the hard floor surfaces. Because it uses high temperatures, it is recommended for use on more durable surfaces, as to guarantee the best results.

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