Expert Carpet Cleaning in North West London

If you are looking for regular carpet maintenance or it’s just a one-time cleaning, our expert carpet cleaners in North West London will make sure that you get the results you desire. With a comprehensive service price range our expertise is suitable for every budget with which you will get access to our customer communication center. You’d be also glad to know, that the prices include bio-degradable treatments that can also act as allergen-free cleansing methods – for the more allergy-prone households.

Benefits of our service

We can easily and cheaply take care of any allergens you might have in your carpets, as well as remove and fully extract stains of any nature. With our specialized service, you will be enjoying:

  • Toxin-free treatments
  • No more allergens or pollutants
  • Fully rejuvenated carpet textiles and colours
  • Carpeting fiber protection
  • Full pet urine extraction

We can also make that happen at the most affordable rates in North West London, for more benefits of our service be sure to call 020 3746 3200, and ask our customer support team anything you carpet cleaning related.

North West London carpet cleaning service details

carpet cleaning in action

Here in David’s Carpet Cleaning in order to satisfy the needs of our clients, we have started implementing several different treatments that cover all aspects of carpet care and maintenance, and yet do it in a safe and efficient manner. To bring that extra special touch, we also have an additional treatment that will protect your carpet fibers from any dirt and staining for an extended period of time, for more details read bellow:

Steam cleaning – brings a more straightforward approach, using high pressure steam jets to immediately and effectively dislodge and extract any staining, dust or debris your carpet might have in it. This powerful approach can be used on more durable, woolen and synthetic textiles, as they will reap the most benefits from its use. To ensure a spotless clean, we pre-treat any durable stains and then use our specialized machine’s steam jets that go deep into the carpet’s textiles to extract all the accumulate dirt and grime, while at the same time extracting it all with a vacuum. This leaves a small percentage of the moisture that will quickly dry out.

Dry cleaning – is a specialized treatment methods that utilizes a professional-grade dry cleaning compound, engineered to bind to stains and deal with discolorations without using any heat or moisture. This makes it perfect for more delicate materials such as satin, silk and cotton, bringing a flexibility that many customers desire. Our professional cleaner applies the dust-like compound on the affected area and embeds it into the fibers with a fine brush. This allows the substance to bind to the stain and make it more manageable in later stages. The mixture is left to do its work on the stain and after 15 minutes of waiting it is extracted via vacuum. You are left with a clean, fresh smelling carpet that is ready for use right away.

dry carpet cleaning

Scotchgard protection – to seal in the clean results, we can also treat your wall-to-wall carpeting with scorcgard, it not only helps for the clean results to last longer, but also conditions and protects the fibers from dirt and stain retention. In cases where they do get dirty, it makes it easier to be cleaned, making it a great follow up service.

Book carpet cleaning services

Now armed with the knowledge, you can book David’s Carpet Cleaning by calling 020 3746 3200 or by filling out our booking form located on the website. Be sure to ask our customer support team about the different offers and deals we currently have as well as collect your free price estimation. Book today and save on professional carpet cleaning.