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Davids Cleaning Services is North West London based carpet cleaning provider, established back in 2006. In addition to our core carpet cleaning services we also offer wide variety of commercial and domestic cleaning services in North West London such as upholstery cleaning, hard floor maintenance and repair, bed bug removal, leather conditioning and more.

With us you can expect outstanding quality services at a bargain price. Our team of qualified carpet cleaners have went through rigorous training and certification process and follow strict quality control policy. This is how we are able to achieve consistent high quality results and satisfy even the highest expectations of our customers. Our goal is to earn the trust of our clients and create long lasting relationships built upon our hard work and willingness to go that extra mile.

Davids Cleaning Services employs state of the art cleaning equipment provided by the leading manufacturers in the cleaning industry – Prochem and Karcher. Also keep in mind that all our services are pet and child friendly as we use organic ingredients for our cleaning solutions and avoid toxic chemicals at all costs.

Cleaning Services North West London

Hot Water Extraction

carpet cleaning in action

Also referred to as carpet steam cleaning, it is considered the most effective method for cleaning carpets. It is able to extract more dirt and dust from the carpet pile than any other rug cleaning treatment and completely sanitizes your textile flooring as the hot water is deadly for bacteria, viruses and dust mites.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This method is favoured by business owners who need a fast and reliable cleanse. Little or no moisture is used during the process, meaning that no drying time is needed and people can immediately walk on the floor without risk of fast resoiling. This method is the perfect solution for cleaning delicate natural fabrics and dye bleeding materials.

No matter the fabrics’ material, we have the right carpet cleaning methods to make your carpeting as good as new.

Rug Pickup & Delivery

When your oriental and persian rugs are in need of a good clean, our pickup and delivery service is just what you need. We will take your carpet back to our base, only to return it to you in a tip-top condition. We can also clean it at your place with the same great care and results. Learn more about our services on our rug cleaning page.

Upholstery Care

When your upholstered furniture is stained, the colours look faded and the fabric is shabby, our cleaners are a great choice for a refreshing cleaning treatment. We will take care of both synthetic and natural fabrics on various types of furnishings such as couches, sofas, chairs, drapes, mattresses and more. Fast and efficient upholstery cleaning is what we guarantee.

Hard Floor Services

We provide maintenance and repair for most types of hard flooring surfaces such as hardwood, laminate, marble, stone and many more. Whether your hard floor needs sanding or you want to polish your marble flooring and erase the scratches, our technicians are the right men for the task. Take a closer look at our hard floor services on our hard floor cleaning page.

We have also some other cleaning services we can offer you. Check them out on our Services page.

We Cover Areas in North West London

Davids Cleaning provides carpet cleaning in North West London and the surrounding areas including:

For more information about our services coverage, contact our friendly assistants.

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We work on a flexible schedule and you can book same day service with no additional cost or opt for late night or weekend cleaning. Before calling us you can also take a look at our pricing page, but keep in mind that all of the listed priced are approximate and depend on the condition, size and location of your property.